ToddlerTable Cutlery


The design of the ToddlerTäble cutlery is derived from the distinct way a small child grasps objects. The set is available in 4 colours - blue, lime, orange and raspberry.

While cutlery for grownups is designed to be held delicately and loosely, the ToddlerTäble cutlery is round and chubby and fills up the palm of the hands of the little ones. This makes it easier for the child to control it until their motor coordination is fully developed.

The knife, fork and spoon are all designed in a size that fits the size of the child´s hand and suits the level of their motor skills.

The design of the knife is revolutionary and adapted to the needs of the toddler. It can be used to cut boiled vegetables, bread, cheese and other soft types of food, but any fear of cut fingers is kept at bay because it is made of plastic and therefore not sharp at all.

The fork is constructed without sharp teeth, but the child has no problem with piercing the food with it. The unique design with friction between the teeth helps hold on to the food and makes it exactly as effective as conventional forks, but without the risk of hurting the hands or the mouth.

The spoon is designed so that it feels good to have in the mouth and is easy to use.

The ToddlerTäble flatware is designed with optimum comfort, safety and functionality in mind.

Blue, Lime, Orange, Raspberry

Slip resistant surface on grips
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe

ToddlerTäble contains absolutely no BpA, Phthalates or PVC

Spoon: 26mmx100mm
Fork: 26mmx103mm
Knife: 29mmx110mm

Recommended age: 6 months and over

This product is the winner of the Formland Design Award 2009, the Red Dot Design Award 2010, LBP ( Award for Best Weaning Product 2012 and Nominee for the German Design Award 2012





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