Camel Square Mini Poof


Zid Zid have taken the best of their classic Mini Poof and made a square design in eye popping colours with simple graphics. Even easier to clean. Just wipe down, and it’s good as new.

Best of both worlds, lavender with brown makes for a stunning combo with our favourite animal of all, the Camel.

Colour: Lavender with brown applique and red piping

Fabric: High quality, phthalate-free vinyl from Europe, embroidery

Filling: Recycled cotton

Care: Wipe surface with a damp cloth. Fluff poof every 2-3 weeks to maintain shape.

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 12" / 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

Note: Tabs on zippers for all Square mini poofs have been intentionally removed by the manufacturer to prevent cotton filling being accidentally released.



Zid Zid

Camel Square Mini Poof


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